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My pal Nick (Stroupe) won one race and finished second and third in the other two races.  Nick’s dad, Mike, has been a big help to me at the road course too.  I won’t get to race there again for another year, but hopefully my knowledge will carry over and I can do even better next time.

Two more races to go at the fifth-mile for the Winter Heat and then we are off for a family trip to Orlando to race during Speedweeks. Talk to you before then!

New Smyrna Speedway has a "homey" feel and me turning left on the road course at LMS.
January 22, 2007 - Winter Heat & A Trip To Florida

Greetings from Florida!  Meghan here, writing to you live from Daytona. I just got down here yesterday morning with my dad to spend time with him during Busch Series testing. So far watching drivers like Casey Mears make lap after lap around the track has been a blast, but that isn’t the only thing keeping my interest.
Last night my dad, some of his friends from SPEED Channel and I went to watch the Patriots vs. Colts game at the Daytona Ale House.  I haven’t often been in an atmosphere like that, but it was really weird to see people at the same table root for different teams and watch best friends laugh in each others faces when their favorite team made an interception.  Luckily, my dad explained to me that that is not what it is all about and I, for the first time got into a football game, which isn’t normally my favorite thing to watch on TV.   Unfortunately, the Patriots suffered an, in my opinion, unfair loss. I don’t watch football much, but some of the zebras’ calls were ridiculous.  I hope that some of you that watched the game will agree.  Not only did the refs make some bad calls, but I did as well. 

All the food I forced into my stomach last night made me not only tired, but I passed out on the bed with a stomachache as well.  This morning I woke up after hearing our phone wring twice for wake-up calls, to a much relieved stomach.  So, feeling
Megs typing her "blog" from Daytona.
quite a bit better, I have spent my day today with my dad in the garage area and the studio.  I also got to visit the newly repaved New Smyrna Speedway before even heading to Daytona.  It felt like that was my home track after only spending 15 minutes there.  To me that track had a lot of character.  The little quarter midget track in the center of the track, “Little New Smyrnna Speedway,” added a lot of that homey sense to the track.  I am hoping I get to go back there someday not only for Speedweeks, but if my little brother races there someday.
After leaving that track we drove the fifteen minutes and entered Daytona to the sound of a few racecars making laps around the huge racetrack.  My dad and I sat for a little while in turns one and two and it seemed so odd that you could hear the cars only for half of the track and then all you could here is dead silence until the cars pulled back across the start/ finish line.  I have also watched my dad get interviews and gotten to sit on top of a race team’s transporter where you get a great view of the track.  I got a tour inside of Mike Wallace’s hauler, which of course is huge!  Man, I wouldn’t mind taking my car to the road course in that thing. 

Speaking of which, all this excitement, that has come to a close with down pouring rain, made me completely forget the two weekends before this when I raced at the road course inside Lowe’s Motor Speedway.  That had to be one of my favorite tracks I have raced at.  I have never done a road course before so considering that I did okay.  The first weekend I did alright and ended up getting an eighth place finish.  It was a major learning experience for me.  I have to say that my favorite part of the whole track were the esses.  I loved the feeling I got as I zipped around the corners and dodged to the inside of each one.  I learned the track each time I was out.  All in all I got three full days finishing ninth and eighth again in the last to races.  Although I bashed and smashed countless bumpers, I had fun the whole time and always came out of the feature events knowing that I had accomplished something.